How To Setup A Webmail Account to Gmail

At FIRMA, we understand the importance of using corporate emails as a primary line of communication. In our hosting services, we have noticed up to 70% of increased lifetime of companies’ websites who use their corporate emails from the ones who don’t. In this informative guide, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to effortlessly connect your webmail account with Gmail. Our step-by-step instructions and clear explanations aim to make this process accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, we are here to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully set up your webmail account with Gmail, enabling enhanced productivity and streamlined communication.

Setting up Incoming Mail

  • Login to your Gmail Account
  • On the top lefthand corner, open the Settings in Gmail mail settings and choose Settings
  • Click Accounts and Import
  • Locate the ‘Check mail from other accounts’ setting and click Add a mail account
  1. Enter your email address (for eg.
  2. Click on ‘Next’
  3. Click on ‘Next’
  4. Add the email address you want to add in the ‘username’ section (for eg.
  5. Enter your password
  6. Enter the server name. If your website name is or, your mailing server will be or
  7. Select ‘995’ for Port
  8. Make sure the ‘Leave a copy of received message’ checkbox is checked
  9. Make sure the ‘Always use a Secure Connection (SSL)’ checkbox is checked
  10. Optional: Check the ‘Label Incoming Messages’ checkbox
  11. Click on ‘Add Account’

If successfully connected, you’ll get this pop-up; where you’re offered the option of being able to send emails as well. Click on ‘Next’ and scroll down for further guide.

Setting up Outgoing Mail

If you didn’t get the pop up, navigate to Gmail’s settings, Accounts and Import page. Navigate to ‘Send mail as’ section and click on ‘Add (another) email address’


  1. Enter your full name. This can also be a department name.
  2. Enter your corporate email address you want to connect
  3. Checkoff the ‘Treat as an alias’ checkbox
  4. Click on ‘Next’
  5. Enter the server name. If your website name is or, your mailing server will be or
  6. Select ‘465’ for Port
  7. For username, enter your corporate email address
  8. Enter your password
  9. Click on ‘Add Account’
  10. You’ll receive a confirmation code to your corporate email address; copy and enter the code, then click on ‘Verify.

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